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Sharon Hill will be talking on Spooky Geology


Explore the weird earth with a look at geological situations, phenomena, and anomalies that are perceived by many laypersons as having a magical, paranormal, or supernatural basis. Spooky Geology is a website and conceptual framework to examine earth mysteries and energies, alternative geological ideas, haunted locations, anomalies, geomythology, and unusual, sometimes dangerous, natural phenomena. Widely-believed folkloric or superstitious concepts that are still popular today include water witching (dowsing), ley lines, entrances to Hell, crystal healing power, and energy vortices. Alternative fringe beliefs about the earth, such as the Flat Earth “theory” and End Times catastrophes appear in mainstream media gaining new attention and proponents. Rounding out the unsetting natural events are accounts of moving, ringing and exploding rocks, sudden ground collapse, and bizarre specimens. Geologist Sharon Hill peers into the (nearly) bottomless pit of abnormal, supranormal and paranormal ideas about our planet.

The talk goes live at 7.30pm BST on Gordon’s Youtube channel.

Sharon Hill is a licensed geologist in Pennsylvania with a life-long interest in anomalous natural phenomena and paranormal belief. A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University Geosciences program, she also obtained a Masters of Education focused on Science and the Public from the State University of New York at Buffalo and works as a manager for the Department of Environmental Resources of Pennsylvania in the Mining bureau. She is a contributor to Fortean Times magazine, has published journal articles about ghosts in popular culture, and authored the book Scientifical Americans: The Culture of Amateur Paranormal Researchers.

Not a pic of Sharon Hill
Skull Rock, Joshua Tree National Park, CA

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Scott Lyall will be talking on:

Beyond Bigfoot: North America’s Other Mystery Primates

We’re all familiar with bigfoot, the large, cone-headed, hairy giant of the Pacific Northwest. However, there are reports of other primate- like creatures that don’t match this description, and seem to be something else. Join us as we look at reports of devil monkeys, skunk apes and other hairy hominids. Is North America really home to a diversity of undiscovered primates or could there be other explanations?
Video goes live at 7.30pm on Gordon’s Youtube channel :

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Stew Smith : Da Music o’ Da Trows

The Shetland Islands are the most northerly in the British Isles and have a rich folklore tradition descending from their norse roots. The local version of the little people or faerie folk there are the Trows, small humanoids who live under the hills, emerging to cause mischief. They are famous for their love of music and many traditional Shetland folk songs are considered to be “Trowie Tunes”, directly inspired by interactions with the Trows. In this talk I’ll introduce you to the Trows and their music, as well as talking through a few other Shetland myths and monsters.

The video channel  can be found here.

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Next EdFortSoc : Tuesday the 12th of May

The next meeting of the Edinburgh Fortean Society will take place online via Gordon’s Youtube channel.
This will be on Tuesday the 12th of May at 7.30pm BST and it’s a Fortean quiz!  There will be hard and difficult questions and some explanations of the answers.
Come along and have some fun.  If you’re in lockdown with a fellow Fortean compete against them, otherwise put your score in the comments and see how well you do against everyone else!
Edit : And here it is!

Next EdFortSoc : Tues 14th April, 7.30pm

So, in these times of social distancing the Edinburgh Fortean Society is meeting online courtesy of YouTube.
Gordon Rutter will be talking on The Weird World of Charles Fort

The Edinburgh Fortean Society is named after Charles Fort. This is a chance to find out who he was.
We’ll be starting at 7.30pm on YouTube, the exact link to the stream will be put online on the morning of Tuesday the 14th
Hope you’re all well and I hope you can make it.
We’ll try to do something every month online until we can meet again in person.

Next EdFortSoc : Tuesday the 10th of March

James Kerr will be talking on
“Everything supernatural that has ever happened to me, in order” 
A lively look at how the paranormal is experienced in an everyday life plus detailed descriptions of being a subject in ESP experiments at the Edinburgh Koestler Institute.
Tuesday the 10th of March
7.30 pm
The Attic Comedy Room at The Beehive, Grassmarket, Edinburgh.

Next EdFort : Tuesday 11th February

Scott Lyall will be talking on:

Bigfoot Realism: Hoax, delusion or unknown primate?

Since pre-colonial times, people across North America have reported encounters with large, hairy human-like creatures. More than 60 years after Bigfoot went from local legend to cultural phenomena, we’re no closer to an answer. Are these reports all hoaxes or mistakes, or could there really be a population of an unknown primate in the forests of North America? Or could there be something even stranger going on?

Tuesday 11th February
The Beehive Inn
7.30pm, £1

Next EdFort : Tues 14th January

Ghost Stories: Confessions of an Ex-Guide
A Talk to the Edinburgh Fortean Society by Lizzie Cory-Lopez
Whether or not people believe in ghosts, the supernatural or even an after-life, ghost stories are supremely popular. Over the last 30 years they have become big business in Edinburgh, fuelled by many a ghost-hunting television show. Edinburgh is a relatively ancient city by modern standards, wearing the several versions of multi-faceted history broadly painted on its capacious sleeves. Certainly, in the early days of the ghost-story trade, before the commercialism and hype, the tall, narrow shapes in the Old Town provided a suitable background and atmosphere.
The real question is: why?
In the modern era of science and rationality, why do humans still need to have the experience? Is it to do with our complex chemistry initiating the thrill of being frightened? Is it about feeling brave? Do we need to have a mystery to top-up our belief muscles? Or do we need the supernatural to exist?
Let us explore the fear…..let me tell you a story…………………
7.30pm, Tuesday 14th of January 2020
The Comedy Room
The Beehive, Grassmarket