Previous Talks/Events

9th April 1999Charles fort – The Man and His WorkGordon Rutter
14th May 1999Rosslyn Chapel – An Enigma Inside a MysteryGordon Rutter, Scott Russell
11th June 1999The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round TableMark Parry
9th July 1999Urban LegendsScott Russell
13th Aug 1999Luck and SuperstitionGordon Rutter
xx Dec 1999
14th Jan 2000Shetland Islands Myths and Legends Its Not All SheepStew Smith
11th Feb 2000Pathetic Genetics! The Titanic, Olympic and BritannicMartin Rogerson
11th March 2000The Autumn of Terror – The Jack the Ripper MurdersSimon Knight
14th April 2000Ghosts – A Round Table Discussion
12th May 2000Stage Fright – The Haunting of the Playhouse TheatreLiam Rudden
9th June 2000The Mystery of UFO'sMark Parry
14th July 2000The Hindenburg, A Pop Flop?Martin Rogerson
8th Sep 2000Conspiracy TheoriesStew Smith
13th Oct 2000The Curse of the PharaohsSimon Knight
10th Nov 2000Scottish Cryptozoology An OverviewGordon Rutter
xx Dec 2000
12th Jan 2001The Shroud of TurinGordon Rutter
9th Feb 2001Robin Hood – The Man, The Myth, The LegendEddie Cory
8th March 2001The Mystery of the PyramidsSimon Knight
12th April 2001Chinese AlchemyMartin Rogerson
10th May 2001A Journey into the AfterlifeDawn Knight
14th June 2001Cryptozoology 101Gordon Rutter
12th July 2001The Winchester MansionScott Russell
13th Sep 2001Snakes TalesSimon Knight
11th Oct 2001I Believe in Angels?Dawn Knight
9th Nov 2001Miracles and the Emergence of MaitreyaCameron Pirie
xx Dec 2001
10th Jan 2002 (Thu)The Highgate VampireScott Russell
14th Feb 2002Bigfoot or Big Hoax?Gordon Rutter
14th March 2002AlchemyMartin Rogerson
11th April 2002Were the Moon Landings Hoaxed?Debbie Hill
9th May 2002 (Thu)The Riddles of the SphinxSimon Knight
13th June 2002Luck and SuperstitionEddie Cory
11th July 2002The Cottingley FairiesScott Russell
12th Sep 2002The History and Mystery of the TarotGordon Rutter
10th Oct 2002 (Thu)Time Travel – The Final FrontierDawn Knight
14th Nov 2002MothmanStew Smith
xx Dec 2002
xx Jan 2003
6th Feb 2003The Autumn of Terror – The Jack the Ripper Murders 1Simon Knight
13th March 2003The Autumn of Terror – The Jack the Ripper Murders 2Simon Knight
3rd April 2003 (Thu)Sangomas or Witch DoctorsPaul Burgess
8th May 2003 (Thu)Mushrooms – Myths and Magic, Fungi – Folklore, Fiction and FactGordon Rutter
12th June 2003 (Thu)A Look Back at Four and a Quarter Years of the Edinburgh Fortean SocietyGordon Rutter, Simon Knight
10th July 2003 (Thu)Aleister Crowley The Wickedest Man in the World poss on the 3rdScott Russell
11th Sep 2003Thomas the Rhymer Ancient Scottish SeerLes Thomson
9th Oct 2003 (Thu)The Legacy of 9/11 – Conspiracies and Other AnimalsStew Smith
13th Nov 2003Shape Changing Aliens – They're Everywhere!David Moncur
xx Dec 2003
8th Jan 2004 (Thu)Where There's a Will – Who Really Wrote the Works of Shakespeare?Ben Verth
12th Feb 2004 (Thu)The Mysteries of the Bermuda TriangleSteve Ritchie
11th March 2004 (Thu)Were Birds Descended From Dinosaurs?Marc Surtees
8th April 2004Fifth Birthday Party
13th May 2004Robin Hood – The Man, The Myth, The LegendEddie Cory
10th June 2004 (Thu)The Voynich Manuscript – The Most Mysterious Book in the WorldGordon Rutter
1st July 2004Rennes le Chateau The History of a MysteryScott Russell
9th Sep 2004Burke and HareBen Verth
14th Oct 2004Rennes le Chateau Sacred Geometry and Sacred TreasureScott Russell
11th Nov 2004 (Thu)Cabinets of CuriositiesGordon Rutter
9th Dec 2004 (Thu)Christmas Meal
13th Jan 2005PoltergeistsStew Smith
10th Feb 2005 (Thu)The Young Earth Theory – Why the Earth and the Universe are only 6 000 Years OldMarc Surtees
10th March 2005 (Thu)The Curse of the PharaohsSimon Knight
14th April 2005Science and Sea MonstersCharles Paxton
12th May 2005 (Thu)The Rise of the Indian Rope TrickPeter Lamont
9th June 2005 (Thu)Tales from the TowerBen Verth
14th July 2005 (Thu)God's SnowflakeWilliam Downie
8th Sep 2005 (Thu)EVP and BacktrackingGordon Rutter
13th Oct 2005The Princes in the TowerBen Verth
10th Nov 2005 (Thu)The Secrets of RosslynMark Oxbrow
xx Dec 2005Christmas Meal
12th Jan 2006 (Thu)Zappers and Booby BoxesDavid Moncur
9th Feb 2006 (Thu)Ghosthunters ScotlandGhosthunters Scotland
9th March 2006 (Thu)The Lambton Worm North East England's Nessie?Gordon Rutter
13th April 2006 (Thu)Intelligent Design vs EvolutionMarc Surtees
9th May 2006 (Tue)Nessie the Elephant – Was the Loch Ness Monster a Circus Elephant Going for a Swim?Neil ”Jurassic” Clarke
13th June 2006A Study in Synchronicity and CoincidenceLes Thomson
11th July 2006 (Tue)Fortean Show and Tell – What got you into Forteana?
12th Sep 2006 (Tue)The Work of the KoestlerCaroline Watt
10th Oct 2006 (Tue)Were Aliens Hoping For A Game Of Cricket? Freuchie, close to where a "Mass Alien Landing" is said to have occurred on the 23rd of September 1996, is famous for fielding its own cricket team..... Howzat? David Moncur
14th Nov 2006The Work of Rupert Sheldrake and his Seven Experiments That Could Change the WorldGordon Rutter
12th Dec 2006 (Tue)Christmas Meal
9th Jan 2007 (Tue)Folklore and Fortean FungiGordon Rutter
13th Feb 2007 (Tue)The Edinburgh Fairy CoffinsAlison Rutter
13th March 2007 (Tue)The Search for the Ninki NankaRichard Freeman
10th April 2007 (Tue)The Emerald Tablets of Hermes – The Origins of AlchemyIan Robertson
8th May 2007 (Tue)Of Sea Moonkes and Bishop-Fish: an investigation of the ecclesiastics of the seaCharles Paxton
12th June 2007Jack the RipperSimon Knight
10th July 20007 (Tue)Tayos Gold – The Lost Archives of AtlantisStan Hall
11th Sep 2007 (Tue)EVP and Ghostfinders ScotlandMark Turner
22nd Sep 2007 (Sat)Edinburgh Fortean Society Day EventCaroline Watt, Geoff Holder, Gail-Nina Anderson, Ian Simmons, Gordon Rutter
13th Nov 2007 (Tue)Lilith Unleashed The First Wife of AdamJames Kerr
11th Dec 2007 (Tue)Christmas Meal
8th Jan 2008 (Tue)Arthur Conan Doyle and the SpiritsGordon Rutter
12th Feb 2008 (Tue)What is Truth Anyway?Ian Simmons
11th March 2008 (Tue)William Beckford – The Worlds Richest Gay Goth?Geoff Holder
8th April 2008The Music of the Trows – Scottish FolkloreStew Smith
13th May 2008 (Tue)EVP at the Covenantors PrisonGhostfinders Scotland
10th June 2008 (Tue)Investigating the ImpossibleRichard Wiseman
8th July 2008 (Tue)The New Pyramid AgePhilip Coppins
9th Sep 2008The Mystery of the Crystal SkullsGordon Rutter
14th Oct 2008Poltergeists I have KnownArchie Lawrie
11th Nov 2008The Cailleach Bheur, Scottish Ancient Hag GoddessMark Oxbrow
9th Dec 2008Christmas Meal
13th Jan 2009Psychic FeatsPaul Temple
10th Feb 2009Statistics and Sea MonstersCharles Paxton
10th March 2009Dawn of the Killer ShrewsRay Bell
14th April 2009Ten Years of the Edinburgh Fortean SocietyGordon Rutter
12th May 2009Catastrophe, Comyns Beaumont and the Search for JerusalemGordon Rutter, Ian Robertson
9th June 2009Why Does Sadako Hate?Steve Parsons
14th July 2009Synchronicity and Coincidence in MusicJames Kerr
8th Sep 2009Paranormal EdinburghGordon Rutter
13th Oct 2009Poltergeists I have Known pt 2Archie Lawrie
10th Nov 2009The Emergence of MaitreyaCameron Pirie
8th Dec 2009Christmas Meal (Thai Buffet)
12th Jan 2010An Introduction to SketicismAsh Pryce
9th Feb 2009Gef The Talking MongooseJames Kerr
9th March 2010Mormon Space DoctrineRay Bell
13th April 2010EVPMark Turner
11th May 2010101 Uses of a Stone CircleGeoff Holder
8th June 2010The Shaver Mystery – Madness, Mutants and MythologyScott Lyall
13th July 2010The History of Ghost PhotographyGordon Rutter
14th Sep 2010The Scottish Mermaid FlapAlison Rutter
12th Oct 2010How to be a Psychic ConmanAsh Pryce
9th Nov 2010Arthur of GoddodinLes Thomson
14th Dec 2010Christmas Meal
11th Jan 2011The Science of Altered Sates ConsciousnessStephan Mathieson
8th Feb 2011Recent Monstrous AdvancesCharles Paxton
8th March 2011Mediums and the ParanormalEwan Irvine
12th April 2011Faces of Death. Post Mortem PhotographsAlison Rutter
10th May 2011Curious EdinburghLes Thomson
14th June 2011Bigfoot or Big Hoax? A Closer Look at the Patterson Gimlin FilmScott Lyall
12th July 2011The Death and Life of the Great LafayetteGordon Rutter, Ian Robertson
13th Sep 2011ParapsychologyRichard Wiseman
11th Oct 2011Weird TaxidermyIan Simmons
8th Nov 2011Cryptozoology: Science, pseudoscience or something else? Charles Paxton
13th Dec 2011Christmas Meal
10th Jan 2012Land Sightings of the Loch Ness MonsterRoland Watson
14th Feb 2012The Golem of PragueStew Smith
13th March 2012Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Meetings with remarkable (albeit deceased) men- the evidence from Edinburgh's gravestonesDave Fiddimore
10th April 2012The Strange Case of Deacon Brodie and Mr HydeIan Robertson
8th May 2012Crop Circles, UFO's and World TransformationTom Richardson
13th June 2012 (Wed)An Exploration of the Island of St KildaAlison Rutter
11th July 2012 (Wed)A History of Talking to the DeadGordon Rutter
11th Sep 2012Bob Rickard InterviewBob Rickard
9th Oct 2012The September 11 CodeWilliam Downie
13th Nov 2012Totem and TabooRay Bell
11th Dec 2012Christmas Meal
8th Jan 2013Nessie UpdateRoland Watson
12th Feb 2013The Poltergeist Over ScotlandGeoff Holder
12th of March 2013Social and Quiz
9th April 2013Sister Sun and Brother MoonJames Kerr
14th May 2013Folklore of the Western IslesAlison Rutter
11th June 2013Angels and DemonsRoland Watson
9th July 2013Myth Information IIAsh Pryce
10th Sep 2013Precognitive dreaming - is it all in the mind?Caroline Watt
8th Oct 2013Fort Shorts
12th Nov 2013Zombies from HistoryGeoff Holder
10th Dec 2013Christmas Meal
14th Jan 2014Doctor Who In an Exciting Adventure With Charles fortGordon Rutter
11th Feb 2014A Year of The Loch Ness MonsterRoland Watson
11th March 2014The Golden Age of Paranormal TVRichard Wiseman
8th April 2014The Amazing Aquatic ApemanEmma Beeby
13th May 2014The Truth About the ReptiliansScott Lyall
31st May 2014New Calton Cemetery WalkDave Fiddimore
10th June 2014The Problems With the ParanormalInnes Smith
14th June 2014Gilmerton and Gilmerton Cove Walk and TalkLes Thomson
8th July 2014Fortean Olympics
9th Sep 2014The Flannan Island MysteryAlison Rutter
14th Oct 2014Interesting Times The Top Five Modern CursesJames Kerr
25th Oct 2014Fungus ForayGordon Rutter
11th Nov 2014A Statistical Analysis of Loch Ness Monster ReportsCharles Paxton
9th Dec 2014Christmas Meal
13th Jan 2015The Big Grey Man – Alone on Scotland's Haunted MountainStuart Robins and Ann Jones
10th Feb 2015Not Just Tommies in France Family Letters of the First World WarBen Makin
10th March 2015James BlishBen Verth
14th April 2015Oh, Rapture! It's The ApocalypseAdam Cuerden
12th May 2015It Happened to Me
9th June 2015The F C Adams PhotographRoland Watson
14th July 2015The Weird World of Charles FortGordon Rutter
9th Aug 2015CloudbustingGordon Rutter
8th Sep 2015Seeking Perfection: The Unofficial Guide to TremorsJon Melville
13th Oct 2015An A to Z of the YokaiStew Smith
10th Nov 2015Posh ForteanaCharles Paxton
8th Dec 2015Christmas Meal
12th Jan 2016Has the Boom Been Busted? Infrasound and the ParanormalSteve Parsons
9th Feb 2016Lovecraftian Films
8th March 2016The Infrastructure of WitchesJames Kerr
12th April 2016Sir Walter Scott – Writer, Lawyer, ForteanAlison Rutter
10th May 2016Ewan Irvine, MediumEwan Irvine
14th June 2016The Enigmatic Mr CrowleyNicholas Hext
12th July 2016O Mummy Where Art Thou? A History of the Preservation of Human BodiesCat Irving
13th Sep 2016Mushrooms, Myths and FolkloreGordon Rutter
11th Oct 2016Weird West EdinburghRay Bell
8th Nov 2016Indistinguishable from Magic: Fortean Themes of Star TrekJames Kerr
13th Dec 2016Christmas Meal
10th Jan 2017The Mystery of Oak IslandGordon Rutter
14th Feb 2017In the Place of the Wildman. Sasquatch in British ColumbiaScott Lyall
14th March 2017All About BestiariesCharles Paxton
11th April 2017Who Killed Cock Robin? The Curious Taxidermy of Walter PotterCat Irving
9th May 2017Meetings With Extraordinary TreesStuart Robins and Ann Jones
13th June 2017Fort ShortsGordon, Ray James
11th July 2017The Lonely House on Adachi Moor – Ghosts, Gore and Demons in Japanese Ukiyo-e ArtStew Smith
12th July 2017Rosslyn GlenGordon Rutter
12th Sep 2017The 1909 Airship FlapRoland Watson
10th Oct 2017Kilted WildmanCharmaine Fraser
14th Nov 2017A Cosmic Catastrophe at the Origin of CivilisationMartin Sweatman
10th Dec 2017Christmas Meal
9th Jan 2018Encounters with Fairies in Early Modern ScotlandJulian Goodare
13th Feb 2018Cryptozoology On the Track of Real MonstersRichard Freeman
13th March 2018Buried AliveJan Bondeson
10th April 2018Paranorm-AleLes Thomson
8th may 2018Fort ShortsStuart Robbins, James Kerr, Les Thomson, Gordon Rutter, Alison Rutter
12th June 2018Ark of the CovenantGordon Rutter
10th July 2018A Year in the Nessie Hunt, Hints of AtlantisRoland Watson, Amy Gray
26th August 2018In search of Goblin Ha'
11th Sep 2018Driven Mad by the Sea Serpent: The curious case of Capt. DrevarCharles Paxton
9th Oct 2018Misreporting the ParanormalPeter McCue
10th Nov 2018Dechmont Law – The UFO trail
13th Nov 2018Fortean FinlandAlison Rutter
11th Dec 2018Christmas Meal
8th Jan 2019Folklore of UFO'sScott Lyall
febMandela EffectAdele David
MarEdFort – the story so far...Gordon Rutter
apr20th birthdayGordon Rutter MC
MayPembroke TriangleAnne Jones
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