Next EdFortSoc LIVE : Wednesday 11th May, 7.30pm

The legendary Ash Pryce will be speaking on

Victorian Spiritualism: The Fox Sisters and the World they Created

In 1848, Western New York , two young sisters stumbled across the spirit world and a religion rapidly grew out of it. Stretching from the Tsars of Russia, to the court of the French Emperor, across oceans and continents, a movement spread. In 1888 the sisters revealed a startling secret – the spirit rappings that originated the movement had been faked.

Ash Pryce is a stage mentalist and founder of the Edinburgh Skeptics society. In his first traditional lecture in more than a decade, he will be looking at the world of the Victorian Occult, the big names that sold it, and the skeptics that tried to expose it, and the women that created a global phenomena.



This will be held in the restaurant area of the Beehive Bar in Grassmarket, this is on the floor below our normal meeting room. Admission only £1 !