Next EdFortSocOnline : Tuesday the 13th of July, 7.30pm BST

UPDATE : Glen’s talk is postponed again, sorry! In its place we present :
* The Edinburgh Fortean Society Book Club *
Do you fancy a good Fortean read? Don’t know what book to go for next? Then let the Edinburgh Fortean Society recommend some of their favourite books.
Several EdFort members tell us about their favourite Fortean books and why they mean so much to them.
Glen Vaudrey will be talking on:
Zooform Phenomena are the most elusive, and least understood, mystery `animals`. Indeed, they are not animals at all, and are not even animate in the accepted terms of the word, but entities or apparitions which adopt, or seem to have (quasi) animal form. These arcane and contentious entities have plagued cryptozoology – the study of unknown animals – since its inception, and tend to be dismissed by mainstream science as thoroughly unworthy of consideration. But they continue to be seen, and Jonathan Downes – the Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology – who first coined the term in 1990, maintains that many zooforms result from a synergy of complex psychosocial and sociological issues, and suggests that to classify all such phenomena as “paranormal” in origin is counterproductive, and for researchers to dismiss them out of hand is thoroughly unscientific.