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From the Dark Wardie Steps to the Ominous Tally Toor : North Edinburgh Nightmares

“What’s at the bottom of Wardie Steps?” was the question my Grandfather asked me all those years ago.
He was a man with a lifetime of experience at sea who acquired the rank of Chief Petty Officer and would later sail on countless vessels in Scottish waters and afar.
During his years, my Grandfather relayed many tales of local history to me and many ghost stories.
It was here that my curiosity began. The tale of a trawlerman terrorised onboard a cursed voyage only to appear face to face with a ghostly nautical apparition scared me to no end.
After hearing the frightening tale of “Slange Var,” I remained hooked.
My passion for ghost stories commenced at a young age. I discovered many terrifying tales from the boundaries of North Edinburgh. Now so shall you.

Hear the tale of a phantom security guard, who haunts the barren landscape of Leith Docks.
Listen to a terrifying recollection from an ex-employee of the ominous Craigcrook Castle.
Discover the alarming tale of a mysterious bed inside a Granton property and the recently deceased owner who returned to reclaim his prize possession.
I will relay these stories and many more, North Edinburgh Nightmares.
From 7.30pm on our YouTube channel.